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FilipinOlympics 2006
October 21st, 2006
Ballard High School Field
The Dream
The idea for the FilipinOlympics came when realizing that the comraderie developed from the annual NWFASA conference was too late in the year. Students would build friendships within their organizations and within the alliance only to await the next conference or some online community to continue to build. The goal of the FilipinOlympics is first and formost to create inter/intra organizational friendship, bonding, and trust so as to further the goals of each respective organization as well as NWFASA as a whole. By having an NWFASA event in the Fall, followed by the Conference in the Spring, students can be empowered by knowing that they are not alone in the struggle, and can have regular opportunities to meet and share experiences with other students in the Northwest.
The format for the FilipinOlympics will include rotatable teams of eight from each school, though multiple teams from one school are acceptable (with another registration fee). All participants must sign a waiver in order to participate, and must respect the rules and all players, volunteers, officials, and the facility. There will be four events which require physical agility, strategy, knowledge of Filipino history, communication, and above all, teamwork. The overall award will be given to the team who wins the most event points, and the spirit award will be given to the team who displays the most spirit (encouragement, school pride, perseverence, and sportspersonship). Contrary to the trailer, everyone is a winner.
For those new to FASAs and the Alliance, NWFASA, or the Northwest Filipino American Student Alliance (aka "the Alliance") began as the Washington Filipino American Student Alliance and was established 13 years ago. With the incorporation of schools in Oregon, WSFASA became NWFASA, and the rest is history. NWFASA's main event is CONFERENCE, a three day event which is held usually within the first two weekends of April, and rotates at each Alliance school. The Alliance includes about 13 Community College and University based Filipino American Student Associations from all over the Northwest, and is still growing. The main barrier for NWFASA is geographical as schools are separated by hundreds of miles and mountains making the commute between each very challenging during the winter months. This is why it is important for the FilipinOlympics to be in October (not only for national reasons) but because once winter comes, it will be very hard for us to make contact with each other. In addition, it will be a great feeling coming to conference in spring and seeing hundreds of familiar faces, thus enhancing this experience as well.
The Events
Barrel Man
This is a highly physical event that is more than your average relay race. Players must run the track but rather than transfer a baton, they must transfer their barrel.
Knowledge Bowl
Being that it is Filipino American History Month, we devote this event and the entire FilipinOlympics to commemorate this month. Study up on your Filipino and Filipino American history, and be sure to share what you learn.
Tinikling Mix
For this event you not only need strategy and agility, but rhythm. Can you transfer the most amount of water while keeping a beat?
The Cockfight
A popular sport in the Philippines, but illegal in the States, we have our own spin on this which involves obtaining an opponent's tail without using your hands.
Ultimate Challenge
This is the culminating event for the day. Worth the most event points, this event must be kept in secrecy until the competion. Be ready for anything.
The Day
Be ready for anything as we will play rain or shine. Dress in layers, bring towels, jackets, umbrellas, extra clothes, and food (however food is not allowed on the field; the parking lot is ok). Teams will be allowed to setup tents at the endzones of the field, and cannot use stakes. Smoking is allowed off the school grounds, and alcohol will not be tolerated at anytime. Above all bring a positive attitude and have fun.

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